As tankless water heaters become more popular in residential homes, more homeowners are experiencing their unique benefits over traditional tank designs. The advantages are so positive, tankless water heating systems have become a standard feature for our home water heaters.

We have extensive experience installing tankless water heaters. Because of their benefits, we encourage them to all of our customers. And of all the heaters on the market, one has become the go-to heater for all of our projects: the Navien NPE-A water heater.

Navien is a leader in water heating technology, offering high-quality heating products with unique benefits. The company maintains a high standard of production, and its products have garnered praise for being highly efficient. The NPE-A water heater is the most advanced system in Navien’s assortment and one of the highest quality tankless water heaters on the market.

Why do we encourage using tankless water heaters, and why do we choose this specific product? Let’s take a look.

Instant Hot Water

A traditional tank water heater stores a large volume of water that requires heating and reheating throughout the day and during use. As water leaves, new water must be heated, which creates a delay in providing constant hot water to your sink, shower, or washer.

By switching from a tank water heater to a tankless design, you avoid the long wait for hot water. Rather than storing water for heating, a tankless heater heats water as it passes through the unit, resulting in a faster arrival of hot water for quicker showering and cleaning.

Cost Savings

Since hot water cools, storing hot water in a tank requires reheating. The degree of cooling experienced in a tank is called “stand by loss.” The more loss a tank experiences, the more energy is required to heat and reheat the water.

Unlike a tank water heater, a tankless design doesn’t store water. It heats when you need it and not when you don’t, reducing the amount of energy required and wasting less water. As a result, you save on energy and water bills. And due to the high efficiency of this type of heating, tax credits are available for using a tankless heater, saving you even more. Though it can cost more than a tank design, the costs saved from its high efficiency adds up over the long term, making it worth the price.

Among tankless water heaters, Navien is one of the greenest providers. The NPE-A product is both Energy Star and LEED Certified due to its high-efficiency rating. It excels at using less energy while helping you avoid water loss, resulting in more savings and less strain on resources.

More Compact Design

Tank heaters are notorious for being big, bulky, and not necessarily easy on the eye. Tankless designs, however, are more compact because they don’t need to store water. These smaller tankless designs are a welcome sight for homeowners, allowing more room for storage and hiding them from view more easily.

Endless Hot Water

By heating the water as it flows, a tankless water heater has the potential to supply endless amounts of hot water. But this depends on the amount of water used at one time. Like any water heater, a tankless heater will have to keep up with demand. If demand is high, the simple solution is to install more water heaters. This is where the NPE-A is an advantage. It is compact, compatible with a wider range of water systems than other tankless models, and easy to install, allowing us to easily and efficiently add the appropriate number of systems to any home.

Avoiding the Cold Water Sandwich Effect

When hot water is turned off, it sits in closed pipes while cooler water collects behind it, waiting to be heated. When taps are open, the hot water flows out, followed by cool water until the system adequately heats it. This hot, then cold, then hot effect is the “cold water sandwich effect”, and it can make life pretty uncomfortable in a shower or tub.

Thankfully this experience is avoided altogether with the NPE-A water heater. It offers a unique technology option called Comfortflow, eliminating cold periods by recirculating hot water through supply lines, reducing cooling time and virtually eliminating wait time for hot water.

Longer Lifespan

Another advantage of a tankless water heater is it lasts longer. A tankless water heater will last about 20 years while a standard tank heater will last around 10.

All tank and tankless water heaters corrode, but tankless models do it less than traditional water tank systems. Still, the filters, pumps, and control panels do wear out and require maintenance or need replacing. We prefer the Navien brand because, compared to other tankless water heater providers, their parts simply last longer.

Longer Warranties

Along with a longer lifespan comes a longer warranty, giving you greater peace of mind. For the NSE-A, Navien offer a warranty of 1 year on labor, 5 years on parts, and 15 years on the heat exchanger – nearly 9 years longer than a traditional tank design.


For these reasons, the Navien NSE-A is our tankless water heater of choice for any home. We are happy to bring its benefits to your home remodel or home build so you and your family can enjoy continuously flowing hot water for years to come.

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