Why Use an Interior Designer?

When setting out to build or renovate a home, it’s easy to underestimate the number of decisions you’ll need to make. The more you know about design details going in, the more you ensure the construction process goes smoothly so you maintain, or even reduce, your costs and timeline. Having an interior designer onboard from the very beginning is one of the best decisions you can make. With their understanding of materials and prior experience with contractors and architects, interior designers help make the production process smooth by making decisions easier and faster. You will also have a beautifully designed home that fits your taste and saves you both money and hassle.

Here at RS Homes, using interior designers is a crucial part of our Team Approach. They provide intelligent design solutions throughout your home to suit your needs and we gain design input early which results in better purchase pricing. We can also more effectively organize your project, keeping you on time and in budget.

We maintain relationships with a wide range of interior designers to help make the design process easy. Whether your project is large or small, these designers offer a number of specialty services to suit your needs. Some categories of design include color design, green interiors, kitchen or bathroom design, and zen or feng shui design. Each specialty takes you beyond general knowledge to provide you with unique and intelligent solutions that will make your home shine. For example, a colorist’s in-depth understanding of tones and accents can significantly enhance your home’s beauty and richness far beyond what you had imagined.

Designers are extremely effective in the initial stage of home design. They provide intelligently laid-out furniture plans, shop drawings, and lighting plans and suggest exterior elements such as roof and window styles based on your needs and home design. For remodels, their understanding of flow and construction techniques results in creative solutions that transform awkward rooms into highly functional and enjoyable spaces. All of the needed design factors are provided to us in an organized and timely manner so we can price them accurately and effectively.

Designers provide design options for every surface element to compliment your home and your taste. They have extensive experience selecting items such as doors, cabinets, and trims, as well as appliances, plumbing fixtures, countertops, tile, hardware, flooring, and carpeting. They also work with reliable sources for audio/visual installation and smart technology. As each element is selected, we at RS Homes properly bid and purchase any needed materials and have them ready onsite and on time, ready to install.

When the design is determined and building begins, interior designers work with us to troubleshoot questions and provide on-the-spot solutions quickly and easily to keep production moving. If they need to review details with you, they offer multiple solutions for quick approvals.

Of course, interior designers also excel at furnishing. They have knowledge of all the current furniture lines and trends and have experience with reliable vendors who can provide custom-made furniture and specialty wall treatments, lighting and art. And if you prefer to leave your entire home design to the experts, interior designers will make your home move-in ready. They will select items such as accessories, dishes, and linen… everything you need to enjoy home on the first day.

No matter what level of service you need, a designer excels in making the entire design process smoother for you and us. Their understanding of the right materials to suit you and your home and their experience with a wide range of products and vendors ensures you get the quality look you desire and a smooth design process from start to finish. With their help, your home building experience will be more enjoyable and result in a quality final product that beautifully suits your timing and budget.

For over 25 years, RS Homes has been the premier builder of award-winning luxury homes in Scottsdale, Arizona. Each home is custom designed and built to ensure the refined and enduring living experience desired in a luxury property. The company’s reputation for superior design and construction has resulted in numerous accolades and projects in premier neighborhoods and golf communities throughout Scottsdale.