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Bruce Jackson - RS Homes

Building a home can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences – if done right. Thankfully there are ways to ensure the process goes smoothly. Having a quality support team goes a long way to avoid issues before they start. You will spend less time navigating challenges and more time enjoying the experience of watching your home become a reality. Once completed, you can experience a quality home you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime.

A home is typically the largest personal investment a family makes. It can also come with a healthy set of challenges. You have most likely heard stories of construction costs becoming twice as much and lasting twice as long than expected. Thankfully there are steps you can take to avoid these issues. Benefiting from the advice a builder is one of them.

As a company, we at RS Homes often help buyers evaluate properties. It is a process that benefits you and us. As a buyer, you learn more about a property’s true value, and as a builder, we can ensure a smoother construction process by knowing issues upfront. You may factor in considerations such as the quality of a neighborhood, the views, home resale, and proximity to nature or city conveniences, but many issues are not easy to spot without the help of a professional. By knowing the area and what you aim to achieve, we can spot issues before they start. With our understanding of the land and local construction requirements, we can help you make a sound purchase decision, resulting in a property you enjoy versus one filled with frustration.

Here are some important factors we often consider while reviewing properties that help you make the best decision possible. But one decision will need to be made first, and it is by far the most important…


When shopping for a lot, it’s a smart decision to work with a local builder with extensive experience in the area. Each geographic location has its own rules, regulations, and environmental considerations a local builder deals with first hand on a daily basis. And the longer a business has been operating in the area, the better. Here in Scottsdale, we at RS Homes have a 25-year history producing top-quality, award-winning homes. Our experience encompasses property evaluations, home builds, and reconstruction – everything you need to make a sound choice and ensure the smoothest building process possible. We provide the benefits and challenges of a property early in the shopping process, which is especially important when planning a home build. Unwanted surprises can be costly and delay completion due to a redesign, re-permitting, and undergoing construction workarounds.

Each town has a story. We have the experience to help you learn it. We, as much as you, want to know issues as soon as possible to provide a smooth and efficient construction process.


Here in Scottsdale, knowing the NAOS rules (Natural Area Open Spaces) is integral. NAOS requires a specific section of property remain as untouched, natural desert. Lots designated as NAOS must have areas kept clear of construction and remain in their complete, natural form. No work can be done on this designated section of a lot, even underground. The land is owned by you but restricted to comply with the city’s Environmentally Sensitive Lands Overlay. Though this rule sounds more relevant in outlining rural areas, Scottsdale has areas designated as NAOS within neighborhoods and track developments.

We are well versed in NAOS rules and jurisdictions. We can show you what areas of a lot are protected and discuss any issues well before purchasing. We can also review ways to design your home around, and even with, these naturally protected areas.


In Scottsdale, a building envelope is the usable land inside the NAOS area in which we can build. This area is often pre-designated by the original developer and has predetermined maximum square footage that, though restrictive, must be maintained. Your neighbors also have an interest in having this enforced so your home doesn’t affect their views.

As a builder in Scottsdale, we have extensive experience with building envelopes on NAOS designated lots. We will work with you to make the best use of the available land or recommend land better suited to your needs.


Lot terrain can offer natural beauty that enhances your home experience. It also hides challenges worth catching before you purchase. If a property is on a hillside, the ground quality on one lot versus another may require an involved foundation that affects your final cost. Any necessary retaining walls and extended foundation walls further increase the price. Topsoil will need to be removed and flattened which can create challenges in accessing utilities. As a builder, we can outline these costs for you while you shop.

Even flat lots have hidden stories such as prior flooding and drainage issues. No matter what the lot shape, we know what to look for to avoid surprises. Our feedback and recommendations can also help you take advantage of the lot in ways you haven’t considered while at the same time helping you determine the value of a property before submitting your offer.


One of the most desired traits of a home is views, whether natural or man-made. Our knowledge of the area allows us to recommend locations you may not have considered. One lot may be a strong choice, but a second lot may offer beautiful views and face a protected area for a lifetime of scenery.

In many cases, your yard is what supplies the primary views. The amount of usable land and the positioning of sewer and water lines may provide versatility in designing your yard, and the more flexibility you have, the more scenery you can create. And for lots with NAOS designations, we use information about the ground and the surrounding flora and fauna to create natural lot views that work beautifully with your home.



Often properties contain homes that require reworking or removal. The conditions of a site inside and out are important factors in understanding the overall value. We can provide the in-depth analyses you need. If you plan to rebuild, what is the estimated cost for a teardown? If renovating, will the foundation need to be removed or can it be repurposed? What utility factors should be considered? Our experience in home construction allows us to properly value the property and estimate the cost of construction so you maintain your budget.


Understanding the costs of utilities such as water, gas, and electric is especially important for new builds on open land. More remote areas may fall outside of current water access and require a water well. Running electrical lines to a property can cost on average between $10,000 to $30,000. Knowing these estimates upfront goes a long way in determining your final budget.

For rebuilds, we can provide costs on the quality of the utilities on the property, knowing how well these utility forms are holding up and when to expect issues.


Particularly relevant in rural areas, having us onhand will help you understand if you will need a septic system. Locations that are built up are more likely to have sewer systems in place that route waste to a local treatment facility, but in rural areas, a septic tank may be needed on site and require emptying and replacing over time. We can tell you which system you need and what those costs might be.


The term “builder” can be misleading. Here at RS Homes, we are heavily involved in home design and have a wealth of experience to offer. We incorporate our in-depth knowledge of local property and long history in quality building to establish a beautiful design concept that captures your vision and works seamlessly within your lot. And when evaluating potential lots, we will have your design considerations in mind, spotting issues early and offering solutions to maintain your vision.

Our extensive experience in all aspects of home construction will help ensure you achieve the right lot for your needs and a beautiful, enduring home.


For over 25 years, RS Homes has been the premier builder of award-winning luxury homes in Scottsdale, Arizona. Each home is custom designed and built to ensure the refined and enduring living experience desired in a luxury property. The company’s reputation for superior design and construction has resulted in numerous accolades and projects in premier neighborhoods and golf communities throughout Scottsdale.